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Working the Landfill

"They wanted to focus on garbage, we gave them beauty."

A few months back, we were approached by the Oxford County Waste Management team, to design one exhibit surrounding the topic of GARBAGE.

Waste. Specifically, the history of Oxford's waste management site, what they've been doing with it on a local level, how it's diverted or dealt with, etc... And they build this incredible LEED educational centre surrounding the topic.

LOVE IT! This is our kind of project, and it was thoroughly exciting from beginning to completion. How did we do it?

Waste is really such an interesting thing. All of it was once liked, needed, used, and now it has become the skeleton of its origin. But it really is beautiful! So much colour, so many textures, and we decided to work it by using these to our advantage.

The site had to have appeal, colour, interest. It had to bring in visitors and educate them. So we used the natural look of the building's design, and contrasted it with bright colours of the moveable exhibits.

Designing and building waste management sites has become one of our niches. This will be our third, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks Oxford friends!

The project was completed on time and on budget.

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