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What it takes to stand out

At HofK we are approached by many clients who have a simple "idea" of what they want to accomplish, but aren't sure how it would be done, IF it can be done, or even if it will bring results. Then there are others who have an exact idea in mind, they just need it done RIGHT.

Take this "ride 'em taco" project, for example: We were approached by our client who had a clear idea of what their client was looking for; they just needed someone to execute.

HofK was provided with a typical "riding bull" that you'd see at an even or pub. You know, like this one below:

We knew it needed to be safe for riders, and withstand a large amount of weight, pressure and pulling. To make it safe, we used foam and painted it (by hand, 'cause we're just that talented!) and created the filling: lettuce, tomato, meat, cheese, etc., and carefully assembled it. It was finally all covered in fire-retardant spray and approved by Engineers and fire Marshalls. Voila! Ride 'em Taco! And all done over one weekend.

Sometimes it takes a little imagination, talent, patience... but in order to stand out from the crowd you have to put yourself "out there" and get creative.

The clients were happy as everyone talked about what they saw and rode... and nobody was hurt in the process... And that's no bull!

Have a project in mind? Drawing a blank? Let us help you sort it out.

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