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All eyes on us!

Imagine this baby next to your company sign. Would it attract eyeballs? That's right... of course it would. It's almost 6' feet in diameter, you wouldn't be able to miss it!

HofK created this peacock specifically for Telus Mobility in 2015. Its body was hand-carved, then hand-painted, and it featured actual peacock feathers, each painted with rainbow colours. We think the results are SPECTACULAR! And we're sure everyone at Pearson Airport enjoyed looking at it – and appreciating some eye-candy that wasn't just another sign!

Can you think of a creative way to show off your business? Rather than putting out one of those hideous inflatables outside of your business for your next shindig (like this one), why not consult with us? HofK can design and create some eye-popping displays for you... and one that will last, indoor or outdoor, all that people-poking and yanking, sure to have all eyes on YOU.

Creating a mascot or symbol is part of smart marketing. Consider allowing HofK to think of one for you. It's all about branding!

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